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Social Media Marketing

Social Media, everyone on their cellphon

Social Media Marketing

There are over 7 Billion people in the world and at LEAST 3.5 Billion Active users on Social Media. Let that sink in for a minute.  If you are not using this free platform yet, you need to get started today.  Your competitors are on social media, and your target audience is watching! Social Media Marketing is an excellent way to raise brand awareness, create conversations, and ultimately increase website traffic with your key audience.  The better your content, the more you engage your audience and grow your following.  The larger your following, the easier it is to achieve your marketing goals.

What are your Business and Marketing Goals?

Before you dive in headfirst into creating social media posts, you need to have a strategy.  There are a few things that you need to think of when developing your plan.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." Here are some questions to ask yourself and things to consider.

  1. Who is your target audience?

  2. What message do you want your target audience to receive?

  3. How does your target audience use social media? What are their interests?

  4. What are you hoping to achieve with your social media?

Depending on your business type, there are many different social media platforms that can be used for your online marketing. For instance, if you are B2B (Business to Business), you may see more success utilizing LinkedIn or Twitter.  But, if you are B2C (Business to Consumer), Facebook and Instagram may be a better platform. All of this needs to be considered in the development of your marketing strategy.  Whatever platforms you choose, consistency is key!  Make sure that you are posting regularly, all while being consistent with your brand. Below are the top social media platforms.



Facebook is the most heavily used social media platform in the world.  You can set up a business page, post pictures, videos, and text. You can use targeted Facebook ads to extend your reach.


Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing platforms and is great for retail. You can set up several different "bulletin boards" and pin ideas on them.  Businesses can showcase their products or services.  For instance, if I am looking to build a structure in my backyard, I would go to Pinterest to find ideas and pictures so I can visualize it and I can collect and organize all those ideas on a board that I name "outdoor living".  If your business is building pergolas or gazebos, you can post pictures of your work and provide a direct link back to your website to purchase, which will bring traffic to your site to generate leads.  Anyone can benefit from using Pinterest for social media purposes or sales-driving ads. 


Twitter is a social marketing tool that lets you broadcast your updates or "tweets" across the web. These tweets can be anything from company updates, special promotions to polls to entice user engagement. You can also use twitter to respond to customer tweets and start conversations, which is essential in building trust.


LinkedIn is the social media platform that is best for B2B networking and marketing.  LinkedIn has the largest professional network, which includes small business owners and decision-makers.  It is a great source to receive expert advice and industry news. It has come to be known as the platform that provides the most value.  It is said that 80% of social media Business to Business leads come from LinkedIn, followed by Twitter and Facebook. 



Video is one of the best and most popular ways to share content, which is why YouTube is a trending social media platform.  It has over 1 billion users!  YouTube videos regularly get shared on social media, and it's a great way to improve your search engine rankings as well!

Next Steps

Developing a social media strategy and creating quality content regularly can be extremely time-consuming.  Our team of experts at Infinity Technology Solutions will manage your social media for you so you can keep doing what you love.

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